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Latest update : 11/17/22 .  (Please read Recent Updates for details.)

Critical Update to ICD-10 !!! - All existing customers need to update to the latest version of DELPHI BEFORE October 1, 2015.  Once you are updated, we suggest you click on the following link to go through the ICD-10 checklist.

We have also just released Appointment Reminders via text or email.


DELPHI32 is a complete software program that is an easy to learn and simple to use organizer of your essential practice information.  Our software is designed specifically for the mental health care professional and their staff.  With over 28 years of experience dealing with the specific needs of our customers, DELPHI32 has become a software program that enables you to run your practice with ease and confidence.

We begin by assuming that you know little or nothing about bookkeeping and/or computers. If you are new to computers and just need a simple billing program, you've found the software that will help you run your practice with confidence. If you are experienced with bookkeeping and computers, you will find a wealth of features and extreme attention to detail that will help you generate the specific information you need for your practice.

Most importantly, our customer support is world class.  We have videos on every aspect of the software along with free telephone support on our 800 number when you need "handholding".  Customer support has become a very "unique" concept within the last decade.  Imagine talking with a friendly and intelligent human when you need help.  

Free Evaluation - Use our software and try out the free support before you decide on a purchase !

All software companies will tell you how wonderful their products are. We differ by letting you download and use a copy of the actual software along with experiencing our free telephone support for as long as it takes you to make a decision. This approach allows you to avoid the sales hype, marketing promises, and money-back guarantees which are all designed to get your money up front.  Our approach is to let you first determine if DELPHI32 is easy to use, intuitive for you, and if it actually meets the specific needs of your practice.  Most importantly, you get to experience what it's like to work with us "one-on-one".  If you need help or have questions, intelligent support is free by calling 800-847-8446. Click on Free Evaluation to download an evaluation copy and get started.

Free Telephone Support

One of the main reasons for our success is our excellent customer support.  Support is free by calling our 800 number.  You'll find it to be the best support available for any software.  At DELPHI32, we actually answer the phone, or if we are helping another customer we will call you back immediately.  We are polite, we know what we're talking about, and are genuinely helpful when you call in with questions. This is often in sharp contrast with our competition. Click on free telephone support for a further explanation of our support philosophy.

Features Checklist

Before you begin to review our extensive features checklist, please remember that the software is easy to use and intuitive. Aside from the standard list of features, the real power of DELPHI32 is the attention to details and subtleties involved in running a successful practice.  The features checklist provides every detail regarding DELPHI32.


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Compare DELPHI against the following 25 programs in the white paper called How to buy the best psychotherapy billing software for your practice. These programs include: Ez2Bill, EasyCMS, TheraManager, DELPHIPBS, InstaClaim, Practice Magic, MedGoal, Medisoft, MPMSoft, Office Manager, ShrinkRapt, PM/2, Office Therapy, TherapySoft, SumTime, Lytec, QuickPractice, Shrink, The Therapist, and Therapist Helper.

Our existing customers often ask, "Why do you show ads for your competition on your web site?"  The answer is that our competition is the best thing that ever happened to us.  Please check them out and come back when you are done...

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